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A completely modular and street-legal racecar

Designed as the shape of the natural driving experience, Draco is a sports car that personifies the daredevil spirit of the 1960's races and mixes it with craftsmanship and details. The whole design attempts to create an automobile from a single surface, in order to sculpt a natural aerodynamic body of glass and carbon fiber. It’s a car that was conceived for the racetracks and inhabits the city streets.

This form was the culmination of a 2-year long design process in collaboration with the innovative Adamastor engineering team. After this first proposition, the company Adamastor developed the product further and eventually achieved the current iteration of the design. For the company's website and more on the latest news and products visit

A side view of Draco with the human figure for scale.

Draco is the rebirth of the driving experience as art. With a growing mass-market of vehicles that take their drivers from point A to B, the adventure and passion for racing becomes the racetrack for Draco. A completely personalized vehicle, this naturally race-driven car is made for each of its lucky owners. A true renascence of driving.

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