Making Smart machines

Hi, I'm João Montenegro and I'm working on the next generation of Human Experiences. To do this I'm merging physical products with the power of emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies.
Let's say that the way you use computers will never be the same(*).
If you have cool new ideas contact me, or talk to Juvi, she knows everything about me. But be gentle, she's still learning.

Let's call it work

It is terribly difficult for me to gather a portfolio. My work is for most part alive, so it's always changing. My protfolio is actually the process, that usually stays the same.

Darkmatter | Homepage

Intersection | Identity and website for AI company builder

Blanc | Programing learning platform for kids

Gleam | Fashion Trends. Handpicked

Draco sportscar concept | design and CAD of interiour and exteriour

Bee the First | the portable and easy-to-use 3D printer

ACCUA | a desktop agriculture robot

Mobie | e-Vehicle charging family

Ubike | The future of biometric exercise

Termi | Luxury electric heater for Electrolux

About João

João Montenegro is a Product Designer that is passionate about bringing to life what he believes to be the next generation of user experiences: simple ways to interact with digital services, using (mostly) invisible interfaces.
With people wanting to have fewer apps on their phones(*), but more meaningful interactions with brands, services, products, other people, other living beings, etc... João conceptualizes and designs solutions that use technology in a Human Centered approach.

You can download my CV here.